Aims: To deliver PCT ‘Person Centred Training’ Efficient and Practical to the clients & industry needs Qualitative NOT Quantitative approach Be accountable for our training, supporting the client through regular skills assessments, consultancy and mentorship Engaging, dynamic and relevant training, specialist signposting and experiential learning

How do we attain this?

Working in partnership with the client Risk assess and evaluate specific training needs RELEVENT and EFFICENT to client saving time and money, formulating a plan and bespoke training for either individuals or groups. Using the unique skill base to further develop company not only through training but support information and advice through professional and QUALIFIED staff experienced and ‘proven’ in the area.

Redant Training & development Bulletin

What makes us different?

It is not what we can teach you, it’s what YOU want to learn.  We understand time is YOUR money and can deliver a bespoke package covering your industry requirements whether Health & safety, SIA or Ofsted, BUT will uniquely tailor what you want through either additional workshops, courses value added specific needs.

We aim to deliver a 100% satisfaction with YOUR course.  We care about this as your reputation is as important as ours and we hope to address the areas of concern and work closely with clients.

To this effect we can deliver courses but more precisely WHAT YOU NEED

What course can you deliver for example?

We can deliver BUT not limited to these specific awarding courses:

  • Mechanical restraints (Handcuffs and soft cuffs)
  • Conflict management, working with SEN, EBD
  • Challenging Behaviour, dementia and assessing Risk
  • SMART Targeting Risk assessing
What are the costs?

The costing will vary according to examine bodies, levels, resources and time BUT as courses are specific to needs you are not paying for training that might not be relevant or unnecessary as training needs are assessed through Training needs analysis and Risk assessments

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